Parramatta Light Rail - Stage 1

October 23 2022

Evolution Civil Maintenance was approached and contracted by Mageba to undertake the installation of the bearings for the steel arch structure of the new Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 for Parramatta Connect. Phase 1 of the project involved 2 stages; one is installing 4 unique spherical bearings on each of the headstock. Each bearing had to be suspended and grouted underneath to hold the positions of the bearing to the correct levelling height. Once the grout has fully cured to its compressive strength, the remaining components of the bearing assembly were lifted into place and installed. The next stage relied heavily on the preliminary stages, where a collaboration between structural, mechanical engineers and consultants provided their expertise to generate a Temporary Work Design methodology to reflect the custom-made temporary jacks system and procedures for maneuvering the steel arch into position.

Phase 2 revolved around lifting the 1400 tonne steel arch off the ground and transporting it across James Ruse Drive. The arch required 4 transportation SPMT vehicles from SARENS to lift 15 metres into the air to slowly transport it across James Ruse Drive to the other headstock. The arch had to be aligned within 10mm tolerances before it could be lowered onto a custom manufactured temporary jacks system, which enabled the adjustment of the arch position in both the longitude and latitude directions. Evolution then took full responsibility of the structure until the final position had been determined and the arch was lowered onto the permanent bearings and fully welded.

Evolution Civil has reached a major milestone being given the opportunity to work with the 2nd longest steel bridge arch in NSW and the largest of the 6 steel bridges in the Parramatta Light Rail project.

This complex, dynamic project challenged the entire team of managers, engineers and skilled labourers which required extensive planning, communication and design management throughout all stages of the project. Successful completion of the project has allowed Evolution Civil Maintenance exposure to a large-scale government project while displaying the professional work ethics and capabilities of Evolution Civil Maintenance.


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