Christopher Thomas


Chris has over 20 years of experience in the traffic management industry, working in all aspects such as On-road Road Traffic Management, TMA operation, and Design. He has worked on significant projects such as SAFELink Alliance, Origin Alliance, and the Gus-bus Project, as well as for firms such as Lend Lease, providing all students with firsthand exposure in industry techniques. Chris has been a trainer for the past two and a half years, teaching students from all backgrounds. This comprises new students in the profession, traffic controllers renewing their licenses, Brisbane City Council, and other private companies.
Chris facilitates training from different locations throughout Queensland, such as the Evolution Traffic Management depots, Ventia depots, Brisbane Airport, Gladstone Ports and employment agencies in the state's northern, southern, and eastern areas. In order to comply with new and existing regulations, Chris has also assisted in updating clients' procedures. Chris is hard working to ensure that both clients and students are satisfied and comprehend the material. His extensive understanding of the industry enables him to offer the most effective, efficient and high-quality training for every student and/or trainee.
Chris has demonstrated his ability in leadership, effective communication, and as a professional trainer. He prides himself in gaining pertinent qualifications and certifications to offer his students a high-level of training solutions by participating in professional development opportunities.

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